Ana Valdes-Lim provide innovative adult trans-formative education through programs that allow exploration and creativity.

All programs are open to Female and Male adults; 16 yrs. old and above; with our without experience. 


Regular voice exercise is paramount for performers to fully connect their voice and body.

Voice Class (for theater performance), a voice training class for actors and performers with Ana Valdes-Lim. The students learn different vocal warm-ups and exercises on good breathing, body posture, diction, and speaking habits. These exercises helped them to develop their natural voice and enhance their performance through voice quality and projection.



is an intensive actors training which composed of creative improv techniques, mask work, movement and meditation exercises. Facilitated by Juilliard Drama Alumni

— Ana Valdes Lim.

Awaken your craft and passion in theater!


Mask work can free the actor's body. The class develops physical theater performances and allow actors to reveal their variety of inner characters through mask exploration —full mask, half mask and animal mask. 


Emo Prep Class help actors to explore and understand character's point of view and to overcome inhibitions and self-consciousness. It also develops listening skills, kinesthetic response and emotional capabilities that may lead to authentic, organic, honest and dramatic characterization and choices.

Experience intensive techniques and preparation towards specific emotional performance at theater!


Dance Your Prayer is a guided movement meditation class where students move and dance through different kinds of rhythms expressing their stories, souls, and intentions. It uses an open space, materials, textures, without mirrors.

Movement meditation releases an authentic movement and expression, from stillness to chaos; creating own expressions and embodying rhythms with live drumming.


Breaking in Performing, also known as "BIP" Class is a 10-day acting session with an Open Class. The class is composed of various performance techniques where the students are thoroughly trained to be well equipped for auditions, performance, and casting for theater.


It allows actors to create characters by maximizing the potential of his body, voice and imagination.


Breaking in Casting is a performing arts service that amplifies the audition process of actors through video output. iNay and Metta with the supervision of Ms. Ana Valdes-Lim provides the rehearsal space, direction, wardrobe selection, technical rehearsal and video shoot to the actors.

Participants should have an experience in tv, film, theater and workshops. Also, actors shall pass through qualifying processes such as: screening, interview, ability to rehearse and direct, and approval of script, monologue, song, dance or movement.

A one-minute video output and raw copies of photos and videos will be given to the artist.Casting videos is an important portfolio of an actor. It creates the brand of an artist and to showcase talents and skills.



Kindness Komedy is a spontaneous and intensive training of improvisation and games for actors. Also in this class, kindness, laughter and love on acting are being shared to one another. Participants experienced to play with different people, with different stories and ideas to offer. Kindness Komedy is a “paid forward class”.


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